Our Mission Statement

Agrocult AG is here to to separate business from traditional farming. We strive to put power behind innovative agricultural methods and products.

We at Agrocult are highly customer-oriented thanks to our understanding that the future of any successful company lies with excellent customer relations. We are able to implement this philosophy because we work independently from governmental control of conventional agriculture.


Our Market Performance

- We hold the standard for competence and cooperation.

- We advise our clients based on a cooperative relationship and endeavor to provide the best products and services.

- We use all resources available to us in the resolution of customer difficulties and the meeting of their expectations.

- We demand a great deal of our products, thereby ensuring consistently excellent quality.

- In tandem with our clients, we look to meet and surpass market requirements.



Our Strategy and Business Policy

We have a strong but flexible organizational structure that allows us to respond and adapt quickly to ever-shifting market demands. We maintain and expand our market position with an assertive demeanor and unconventional (and therefore successful) methods.


Our slogan

«Success arises thru ideas, courage, and the acceptance of risk in order to make a profit.»